The key to more energy, vitality and health

How would you react if I told you that the reason for your lack of concentration and general malaise is not due to natural causes? Is not it possible for you to live healthy and vital and despite the fact that you have already tried everything possible and still have not come to a solution?

The reason you suffer from insomnia, tiredness, depression and headaches over and over again is due to a cause in which your body is completely uninvolved!

The problem I’m talking about is called electrosmog. Electrosmog is triggered by the electromagnetic radiation that our electrical devices, such as smartphones and computers, receive and transmit by radio.

What everyone should know about the late effects of electrosmog

Years of use of these devices, especially their daily use, means that the risk of developing one of the long-term consequences of electrosmog can increase rapidly. The fact that it is almost impossible to lead a life independent of this radiation makes it increasingly difficult to live healthy and vital. If you also suffer from these consequences, then you certainly know this situation too, that it is no longer possible for you to feel your inner strength. It will become more and more difficult for you to lead a happy and, above all, well-balanced life. What you lack is access to your own inner spirituality. Only with this it is possible that your body and mind can live in harmony with each other.

Dangerous radiation exposure: That's why prevention is important!

Exactly for people like you, we designed our protection chip. In doing so, it can reduce the effects of cell phone radiation on brain activity. This leads to increased protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation sources.

The body can thereby detoxify itself step by step and in addition there is a reduction of imbalance. All this reduces the risk of getting ill from mobile phone radiation sickness.

Your health must be protected. Excessive exposure to radiation can cause the DNA regulatory function of cells to be severely compromised over time. This leads to malfunction, which can trigger blockages that can manifest in the long term in the form of headache, fatigue, insomnia and other symptoms.

Once you attach our electrosmog protection chip to your device, it will not need to be renewed, recharged or reactivated. In this condition, it can reduce the radiation-induced dysfunctions, giving you back the energy you need to get fit through your everyday life.

Our hologram technology helps reduce activation in the frequency bands. This in turn can lower your own level of stress and the associated mental stress. In other words, you will again be able to completely re-learn your spirituality. Your vital attitude to life will rise again and you will feel like you are on wings.

Recognize problems

A headache? Insomnia? Lack of concentration? Fatigue? Overweight?

Electrosmog and mobile phone radiation often causes these symptoms. So check if you’re in frequent contact with Bluetooth headphones, smartphones, tablets, car handsfree, Wi-Fi routers, cell phone antennas, and more.


Attach the CellKeeper Chip to your phone, tablet, e-book or router. Our hologram technology is used for the energetic treatment of mitochondriopathies.


Balance! Enjoyment of life! Vitality! Dynamics! Creativity!

CellKeeper remedies the radiation-induced malfunction or diminished genetic function and gives you the energy you need for everyday life.

Are you ready to do something about the long-term consequences right now?

This information that I am giving you now is very important! Our electrosmog protection chip is available in this version, only for the first 450 buyers. This is because our edition is unfortunately limited and therefore it is not possible for us to offer more of our protection chips on the Internet for sale. Therefore, here is the motto for you, that the first person who comes first can protect himself from the harmful electromagnetic radiation.


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